The Fibrous Plaster Association (New Zealand) is a group of Fibrous Plaster manufacturers, suppliers, tradesmen and contractors. We are here to represent the interests of members and the public in all aspects relating to what fibrous plaster can do.

Our members are the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on our quality of our workmanship. We value the knowledge of our members based on their years of experience in the industry. With our combined years of expertise you can rest assured that when dealing with our members, you are getting the best Fibrous Plastering solution.

 Importantly for all customers of Fibrous Plaster, the combined products and services of our members is the most extensive of any available in New Zealand. There is no need to shop elsewhere as our membership will supply and deliver on your request every time. 


New Zealand Fibrous Plaster Association (Inc)
Code of Ethics

To maintain the highest standards of business conduct and to uphold the dignity and status of the Fibrous Plaster Industry, we, the members of the New Zealand Fibrous Plaster Association (Inc.) hereby pledge ourselves to the observance of the Code of Ethics hereunder set out:

Obligations to the General Public

  • To perform faithfully all contracts with first class workmanship and with prompt and efficient service.
  • To conduct ourselves and our business on fair lines in a gentlemanly manner.
  • To abstain from all unfair methods of competition.
  • To maintain fair prices for high quality work and to abstain from price cutting at the expense of quality or service.

Obligations to our Fellow Members

  • To associate with our fellow members in friendship, trust and goodwill.
  • To share with one another the fruits of research and experience so that all may benefit and our industry may progress.
  • To give all reasonable assistance to a fellow member in case of emergency or when help is needed.
  • To refrain from criticism or adverse comment on quality of workmanship, character or pricing of a fellow member.
  • To abstain from offering employment to entice labour away from fellow members and to avoid quoting rates of remuneration when advertising for labour.
  • To refrain from tendering for work outside one’s own branch district except with prior consultation with the branch or fellow members affected.

Obligations to Our Association

  • To strengthen our Association’s activities by regular attendance at all conferences and meetings.
  • To be loyal to our Association’s aims and objects and to abide faithfully by its rules and resolutions.
  • To uphold the dignity of membership and to encourage others qualified to join our Association.
  • To work constructively for the welfare of our Association and the betterment of our Industry by challenging suggestions and criticisms through our National Executive members.
  • To preserve the good name and image built up by our Association in all our dealings with architects, builders, specifying authorities and the public at large.