World War 2 brought the industry virtually to a standstill and even for a number of years after it took a long time to recover owing to the very stringent import and building controls.
The post war era has seen the development of fully wadded ceilings completely eliminating joint cracking. Later years have brought a degree of mechanisation to many of our production units but it would be fair to comment that our industry has been subjected to the ups and downs of the building industry and this could well be responsible for the lack of research and planning in earlier years.
It is worthy to note that in the last decade, must interest has been shown by our New Zealand manufacturers in the future developments of our industry. The highest being linking up with Australia in the formation of the Fibrous Plaster Federation of Australia and New Zealand.
In conclusion, may we offer Mt Pat Liddy our sincere thanks for the personal interest and determination he has shown in compiling the history of the Fibrous Plaster industry in New Zealand and Australia.